Friday, November 25, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

While sitting here at the computer.... working late into the night... and listening to Jo Stafford sing christmas carols... we've found this: a reminder that Christmas is starting all around the world... and we wish nothing more than to be a part of it. (we found this poster on a pretty blog "Tea for Joy"). Wouldn't it be wonderful to visit this little Christmas market... with the hope that carols would be swirling around... people bustling to and fro in search of early Christmas gifts, or special treats for themselves... and the smell of Christmas mulled wine in the air...

Wherever you are... we're sure Christmas has started. And we urge you to jump in wholeheartedly! (if only so that we're not the only ones already listening to dreamy Christmas carols and day dreaming of Christmas chocolates!)

Look for Christmas markets... hum along to Christmas music in department stores... and let the world sparkle.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.... and we LOVE it.
love Rose & Violet

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Miss Rose Sister Violet in Melbourne!

Roll up! Roll up! For one weekend only... the Craft and Sewing Expo in Melbourne at the Caulfield Race Course!! This Thursday to Sunday. (10am until 5pm daily)

We've left Brisbane behind, with all our dear and lovely Sunny Queensland friends... and have arrived into Melbourne ready to share and create with the Fashion Capital of Australia! We love Melbourne, and love the craft shows... where anything is possible... and wild impossible creations are daily explosions into ordinary life... colouring everything and inspiring all.

We'll be holding free workshops daily... and as always, helping our customers to create their wild and wonderful projects. Drop by our stand, #179, for help and creative sharing. Visit the Craft Expo Website for all other show details, and show excitement!

See you all at the Fair!!
Love Rose & Violet xxxxxxxx

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Miss Rose Sister Violet are heading to Brisbane!

Rose and Violet are heading to Brisbane! Come and visit us at the Brisbane Craft & Quilt Fair!

We'll be in sunny Brisbane all of next week, with delicious new trims and laces and all sorts of embellishing treasures. We absolutely love the craft and quilt shows, and have so much fun seeing our customers and creating new treasures together. We'll be holding a free workshop daily where we'll show how to decorate and embellish homewares and personal items using vintage flowers, ribbons, lace and pearls. Come and visit us at our stand (E24) for directions to the workshop, and help with finding the finishing touches for all your creative projects. We look forward to seeing you all!

For more information and creative ideas, visit the Craft & Quilt website for all details.
See you there!

Love Rose & Violet

Monday, September 12, 2011

Miss Rose Sister Violet Celebrates Jenny Gillies

We are SO excited to share our latest discovery with you all. We braved the cold and went to the Royal Adelaide show this weekend... and amongst the whir of the show rides, the coloured lights, the flowers and animals, the smell of fairy floss and the sparkling magic of fireworks... we saw the most incredible display of artistry!

New Zealand costume and fabric artist, Jenny Gillies, was THE international guest of this year's Royal Show. Her fashion parade "Naughty by Nature" was absolute magic and a joy to watch. We feel so lucky to have seen her incredible creations and have picked some of our favourite photos to share with you all. Enjoy!

Love Rose & Violet xxxxxx

Friday, September 9, 2011

Creative mess!

This year has been a mad whirl of activity for us! We've been trying so hard to get "business organised" that everything else has been falling apart around us. As we move around frantically like mini tornadoes trying to get everything done, our work area and office and creative space have been DESTROYED! Rubble lies in our wake... bits and pieces are scattered over every available surface... forgotten scraps adorn the floor and table... and the aftermath of our movements is a site to behold indeed. But we wouldn't have it any other way! In a perfect world of course we'd love everything to have it's place; sewing bobbins lined up like little soldiers, pearls and beads sparkling from their colour coordinated jars, materials folded and freshly waiting to be used, ribbons hanging from their neatly lined up spools and books on shelves in subject matter and alphabetically in order!! Oh what organised bliss!

But life is chaos at times. And in chaos can be beauty and mad creativity and frantic shouts of inspiration. So we've taken some photos of our work area... to show beauty amongst the rubble... and to remind us that mess CAN exist in an enjoyable way. We'll get around to cleaning it all up... but in the mean time... we'll enjoy it's colourful messy splash of creativity!

Love Rose & Violet xxxx

(and yes we know mannequin has 2 'n's... and the word 'everwhere' is our own creation... we were in a silly frantic friday mood! xxx)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Social Media and all that Jazz....

Wow! The social media world is a HUGE ocean of excitement! We've only just jumped in and have been having a ball! We've only just started on facebook and already have nearly 100 friends. It's impossible to not feel loved! And it is simply the most fun way to keep in touch with customers, friends, and share all sorts of goodies.

We're working hard at understanding it all... and won't lie and tell you it's easy. There is so much to learn.... and so many possibilities. But we are having so much fun with it all and find it so exciting. Google has become our new best friend and we spend hours looking through online chat forums, finding answers to questions we may have and realising that we are not alone in this new game. Please feel free to message us if you have any questions.. and maybe we've already stumbled through the same problem and can help.

Thank you to all our new friends who have found us on facebook... and we look forward to meeting even more!

Next stop.... TWITTER!!!!!

Stay tuned.... you never know where we'll pop up next...

Lots of love always, Rose and Violet

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Melbourne Craft & Quilt Show

This week we'll be at the Melbourne Craft & Quilt show, in wonderful Melbourne.. the city of fashion and coffee and secret lanes! Come and visit us and explore the exciting craft show, a place where it's impossible to not find inspiration. We'll be holding free workshops daily at 12:30, and creating beautiful projects which anyone can make.

We absolutely love the craft shows, and look forward to seeing you all there!

Love Rose and Violet

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hello dear friends!
We have been silently busy putting together our very first website!!
It is still young... and still has a very long way to go...
but it finally exists!

Hip hip Hooray!

There is more to come... and we will add more to it soon.
Exciting times ahead.
Love Rose and Violet

Thursday, June 9, 2011

tut tut... it looks like rain....

Nothing is more enjoyable than listening to the rain on the roof while enjoying cups of tea and creating new designs! It has been raining here all week... the gentle pitter patter accompanying all that we do.

We've been busy working in the office; designing madly, drinking more tea than the Mad Hatter, and keeping muddy dog paws from leaving muddy paw prints on all we're working on!

Here's a collection of photos from this week; some new brooches, hair accessories and haberdashery treasures.

From a drizzly grey afternoon in Adelaide... all our love and sparkles,
Rose & Violet

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day dreaming of Paris......

Paris. Such a magical city of beauty and creativity!

It glitters and sparkles and has hidden treasures everywhere... waiting to be found... waiting to be stumbled across... and loved. New and old exist side by side in perfect harmony... a modern building neighbours a historical flea market... politics, art, fashion, architecture... technology and antiquity.. old and new... existing in perfect harmony. To wander through Paris is to explore the ages. To be a witness to all that has been and still lives on... inspiring all that now is and all that is to come.

Below are some gems from our Treasure chest from Paris, things we've collected and brought home with us... things that we look through from time to time when we miss the magical city of Paris... a silver city which sparkles and shines... with hidden secrets just waiting to be found.

These are from our collection of prints and written matter... found in dusty corners of Paris.. things from times gone by. Ahhh Paris... we miss you...

We also found the below video... a delicious whirl through the streets of Paris at night time! A city that sparkles just as brightly and glitters with as much magic during both the day and night! We absolutely love this video! It brings back memories of running through the streets of Paris at night time... laughing and happy and in love with life...


Love Rose & Violet

To the Darling City of Perth,
Thank you for opening your arms and welcoming us into your hearts! We had such a wonderful week with you all at the Craft and Quilting show and were so inspired by all that you shared with us. Each day our workshops were full of creative minds and passionate souls... beautiful people who generously shared their energy and excitement. ALL our customers gave so much joy to us!
And we thank you deeply for such a lovely time in Perth!

Love Rose & Violet

Monday, May 16, 2011

Crafting & Quilting in Perth!

This Week we are in Perth exhibiting at the fun and fabulous 'Craft and Quilt Show'. It is such an inspiring show and we are so excited to be a part of it! We have been busy dying beautiful laces... and creating new and wonderful trims.. a taste of which can be found in the photos below for you to enjoy.

We will be holding workshops everyday to show how we create our mad and wonderful accessories.. and to introduce all to a world of beautiful decoration and embellishment.

We hope to see you all there!
Love Rose & Violet xxxx

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to All....

We have been so busy the last few weeks madly packing and sending out orders to all our shops for Mother's Day! It has been a very busy time and we've been happily making and shipping things all over the place! It is such a beautiful reward for all our work to think of Mothers everywhere opening little parcels to find Miss Rose Sister Violet treasures. We feel so touched knowing that our little lavender sachets, pretty aprons, sewing accessories and home decorations will be making Mothers smile everywhere. Not just here in Australia, but also in England and Europe.. and wherever else our little treasures have been sent. We hope that everywhere... all across the globe.. there are Mothers having the most beautiful day with their families... time to themselves or surrounded by others... but happy doing all that their heart desires. Here are some pictures of some of the things we've sent out to shops for Mother's Day; made and sent with love.

Happy Mother's Day to all.... with Love,
Rose and Violet xxxx