Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day dreaming of Paris......

Paris. Such a magical city of beauty and creativity!

It glitters and sparkles and has hidden treasures everywhere... waiting to be found... waiting to be stumbled across... and loved. New and old exist side by side in perfect harmony... a modern building neighbours a historical flea market... politics, art, fashion, architecture... technology and antiquity.. old and new... existing in perfect harmony. To wander through Paris is to explore the ages. To be a witness to all that has been and still lives on... inspiring all that now is and all that is to come.

Below are some gems from our Treasure chest from Paris, things we've collected and brought home with us... things that we look through from time to time when we miss the magical city of Paris... a silver city which sparkles and shines... with hidden secrets just waiting to be found.

These are from our collection of prints and written matter... found in dusty corners of Paris.. things from times gone by. Ahhh Paris... we miss you...

We also found the below video... a delicious whirl through the streets of Paris at night time! A city that sparkles just as brightly and glitters with as much magic during both the day and night! We absolutely love this video! It brings back memories of running through the streets of Paris at night time... laughing and happy and in love with life...


Love Rose & Violet

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