Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A beautiful lesson... and inspiring thoughts...

We found this beautiful short little feature through one of our favourite magazine blogs, Frankie, and we simply love it. At first we thought it was an inspiring message, reminding us to live each day with open eyes and a open heart. But it does so much more... and highlights those in need, those living in a world of darkness due to vision impairment, and how easily we can help.

So on second glance... we realise that this little video does both.... inspiring us to truly live, and reminding us that we can help those in need... people who don't have reason to spend the rest of their lives in darkness. We can help. This video makes us want to!

Plus it has a great soundtrack too!! We love the song.

We hope you enjoy it, and that you find it as uplifting as we did.
Love Rose and Violet xxxxxx

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A dreamy pastel world....

Miss Rose Sister Violet are falling in love with pastels all over again. Is it just us... or does everything seem to be awash in pastel colours at the moment...? We've been noticing that everything is popping up in beautiful dreamy pastel hues... creating a world of creamy fresh colour and light brightness. Or maybe it's just what we're drawn to at the moment...? Choosing to surround ourselves in bright pastels... bringing sunshine into our grey wintry days (which we also LOVE!!). Whatever the reason... we're simply loving pastels at the moment. They make us feel so cheerful!! Here are some beautiful photos that have been inspiring us... we hope you like them too.

Love a very soft pink Rose & washed out lilac Violet xxxxxx

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Miss Rose Sister Violet visit Sydney!!

We're so excited to be at the Craft and Quilt Fair in Sydney this week! We'll be holding free workshops daily on how to decorate in pretty vintage style, and create ready-to-wear vintage accesories. Please stop by our stand for all workshop details and times. And check our facebook page for daily updates and new items we'll be showing at the fair!

We simply love the craft shows... so much creativity and fun. We can't wait to share a happy week with all our customers at Darling Harbour.

See you there!
Love Rose & Violet

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Beautiful reminders....

While cleaning out mess from our office over the weekend... and clearing out clutter from draws... and sorting through forgotten piles of paperwork... we found the following quotes. Quotes which we had collected from a weekend course we did a few years ago... words which have been sleeping at the bottom of an office drawer ever since...

It's amazing how powerful words can be. Such impacting reminders of what we often so easily forget. These words may seem so simple, and to some may seem to be only "hippy rubbish". But they are exactly the type of positive affirmations we love, and cherish, and believe to be essential. To us, these words jump from the page and give us superhero powers. The power to realise that life DOES support us, and IS on our side. Life is not a struggle, but a gift. One which has endless possibilities and is our number one supporter... always on our side and always giving generously... endlessly... tirelessly... always there for us. These words reminded us how important it is to embrace life, to appreciate ourselves and recognise how truly magical each of us are.

We hope they empower you as much as they do us.

Love Rose & Violet xxxxxxxx