Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A beautiful lesson... and inspiring thoughts...

We found this beautiful short little feature through one of our favourite magazine blogs, Frankie, and we simply love it. At first we thought it was an inspiring message, reminding us to live each day with open eyes and a open heart. But it does so much more... and highlights those in need, those living in a world of darkness due to vision impairment, and how easily we can help.

So on second glance... we realise that this little video does both.... inspiring us to truly live, and reminding us that we can help those in need... people who don't have reason to spend the rest of their lives in darkness. We can help. This video makes us want to!

Plus it has a great soundtrack too!! We love the song.

We hope you enjoy it, and that you find it as uplifting as we did.
Love Rose and Violet xxxxxx

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