Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Display Inspiration....

Our office is a buzz with cardboard boxes and flurries of music sheet paper... display pieces and ribbons and flowers scattered everywhere! We're busy packing up the Miss Rose Sister Violet shop so that it can travel to Houston and display its pretty wares in America for the first time!

We are so overwhelmed... and our minds are fuzzy from too much talk about freight and shipping costs and booth dimensions and... and.... and all we want to do is continually stop for cups of tea and bury our faces into the couch pillows...

But it is so much fun and exciting at the same time... and we're happy creating a NEW display which will be revealed when we pull back the dusty velvet curtains upon our exciting stage in TEXAS.

Here are some darling images we found on pinterest which have been such beautiful inspiration. We are constantly in awe of people's creativity and the beauty that exists everywhere. There is so much inspiration around us always and people's talents are treasures we adore. These are just a few! We hope you enjoy them as we did...

Back to the packing here....!!
Love Rose and Violet xxxxxxx

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tea Cup Tuesday!

Here in the Miss Rose Sister Violet office we celebrate Tea Cup Tuesday every week!

There is just something magical about cups of tea. They make our hearts sigh... and are just so comforting. Tea cups and tea pots make us happy... the thought of steaming hot tea chases away even the darkest of lonely thoughts.. and tea shared with a friend is treasured moments in time. Like they say...

There is always time for a cup of tea! (and always room for cake!!)

Love Rose and Violet xxxxxxx

Monday, September 10, 2012

See you in Texas y'all!

Miss Rose Sister Violet are heading to TEXAS!!

It's official!! We just got word that we've been accepted into the Houston International Quilt Festival!

We visited this amazing show last year, and had a ball. It was a treasure chest of excitement and fun... with everything from vintage finds to craft and haberdashery. And of course amazing displays of artwork in all forms. We left thinking it would be a dream to have a little shop there ourselves.. and decided this year to jump feet first and apply.

It's scary thinking of how far we have to travel... and all we'll have to navigate when we get there... but life truly is an adventure.. and it's silly to miss out on all the fun we could have from fear of the unknown. So we're going to do it.... just jump! Pack up our little shop of trims and laces and creations and head to Texas.

We've been looking through our photos from last year and they make us so excited about returning to such an incredible part of the world...  Texas really is a place of vintage charm and beauty and southern magic!

See you in Texas y'all!!

love Rose and Violet xxxxxx

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Palaces and magic

We don't know where exactly this is... but it's a room from a Palace in Hungary. And we just love it. How magical, and dreamy and so incredibly beautiful. Why is it that people don't build and decorate like this anymore? Why do we build homes and public rooms with plain walls and square windows? When did we stop creating such intricately designed places of beauty... such spectacular displays of artistry expression... and such magical places to exist in.

Money? Too expensive?

Or have we simply forgotten that life deserves that extra bit of effort.

This photo inspires us to decorate, decorate, decorate. To surround ourselves with beauty and all that we love. Even if simplistic is your preferred environment.... do it with style!!

Love Rose and Violet xxxxxx

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Land Girls and Lumber Jills...

Dearest Land Girls and Lumber Jills of the past...
Miss Rose Sister Violet Salute you!

It is amazing what one can learn from spending a Sunday night in front of the tv. While watching The Antique Road Show... (yes, Rose and Violet love nothing more than to get comfy under knitted blankets, and dunk biscuits into steaming cups of strong yorkshire tea while critiquing the judges comments and guessing the worth of items being displayed!)... we learnt of the existence of Lumber Jills!! Having only ever known of the term "lumber jack"... we were intrigued by the wonderful history connected to the female equivalent.

The Scottish women who stepped forward during the war years and worked for the Women's Timber Corps (WTC) were known as Lumber Jills. And together with their comrades who formed the Women's Land Army (WLA), or Land Girls as they were known, they played a vital role in feeding the nation and supplying timber for manufacturing, energy production and much more during the great war years.

It stirs such emotion to think of those years... the bravery of the men and women who maintained life as best they could... with hope and optimism. The hardship they endured, the loss they suffered... and yet the sentiment felt from those years is anything but disheartened. They possessed such grace and hope and made the best of what they had. It can be felt through the pages of history, and photos from the past... ghosts who shine from an era where human spirit proved to be unbreakable.

You wonderful women of the past... you inspire us. And we salute you. Thank you for all that you did to ensure our lives were better.. and our future brighter.