Saturday, April 21, 2012

pretty pictures to inspire you

It is raining softly outside our door ..... one of those lovely Autumn evenings which are so special .... days for walking the dogs in the forest, nights to cuddle up with books and magazines and cups of tea, the animals all asleep and tucked up beside us...

Next week we have dedicated the days to designing our new range .... this is our most favourite past time .... and anything is possible... but all of it is to be pretty and vintage romantic ...the kind of stuff to make your heart sing !   ....    after all ..... Rose and Violet do not do `ordinary` !!!!

here are some inspiring photos we wanted to share with you ...
Rose and Violet xxxxx


Sunday, April 15, 2012

The joy of a real book...

Each book is a treasure chest. We would be lost without books at Miss Rose Sister Violet. Each one... someone's ideas, words, journey, adventures, and emotion... with so much to be found; inspiration, knowledge, joy, love, heartache, creativity, desire, motivation....

Long Live Books!!!

We found this wonderful little movie made from a book store in Toronto called Type... we think you'll love it too.
Love Rose & Violet xxxxxx

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Weekend Colour!

Miss Rose Sister Violet are LOVING bright colours at the moment... the brighter the better... we can't get enough of COLOUR! We found these photos on a gorgeous French blog we love.. Griottes!... and thought they start the weekend with a nice splash of colourful fun! We hope you enjoy them too. Have a colourful weekend!

Love Rose & Violet

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Live passionately!

We found this amazing quote written in a magazine while drifting through Sydney airport last month. It didn't have an author.. not that we could see... but whoever wrote it spoke straight to the depths of our hearts. So we thought we'd type it up on some old paper... and decorate it... with some Miss Rose Sister Violet flavourings... we hope you like it too.

Love Rose & Violet xxxxxx

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Our four-legged Miss Rose Sister Violet team!

Our office life, and lives in general, would just not be the same without our four-legged friends! Each of us brings our dogs to work, and the office is full of love and friendship because of it. There's not a dull moment, not a day without support and love, not a moment without soft cuddles and wet kisses when we need them most. Without them... we would not be us.

Introducing some of the team.... at their daily post on the verandah waiting for customers and friends to stop by...

And now for formal introductions to some of the team.... (in no particular order)...

And lastly... a group shot of all the team participating in their favourite daily activity... waiting for the postman!! It is the joy of their day. They hear the distant engine of the postman's motorbike and wait for him at the front gate... so that they can chase him all along the fence as he drives off!

Notice little Shadow in the bottom right corner... she zips around too quickly to be photographed for profile shots.. and is always too busy exploring the garden!