Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Starting to dream for 2014...

Pop open the Champagne.... celebrate the end of 2013... dream big... and believe that everything and anything can happen in 2014.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Crowns and Cursive and Tea Pots with roses...

This year has been such an exciting journey for us, and so much has happened that we are amazed when we realise it has all happened in the space of only one year. Branching into America, and starting our clothing range... and skipping back and forth between California and Adelaide... at times we haven't known if we're Arthur or Martha!

And amongst it all has been our tireless efforts to try and create more of a brand for our company; to give Rose and Violet the beautiful "clothes" we so wish for them to wear as they grow in this world, and continue their wonderful journey. Packaging, branding, photographs and a new website... all things we've only ever dreamed of... and only this year have started to become a reality.

One of the first exciting steps to be taken, is our wonderful new logos which we absolutely love. We worked with the amazing artist, and truly beautiful person, Julianna Swaney who created the following logos for us. Not only a talented artist, but also a beautiful soul, her work is so pretty and whimsical and we think all our friends will love her style too. We are just so happy with our new logos, and so excited to continue our travels with Rose and Violet dressed in their new clothes! We hope everyone likes them too, and can't wait to share more exciting details soon...
Love from Rose and Violet always


Friday, December 6, 2013

Deck the Halls....

Being lovers of all things... classical.. vintage.. extravagance... minimalistic... romantic... it's always hard to pick a Christmas theme for decorating. And with all the Christmas decorations well and truly appearing all around us, our senses are all jittery with excitement and torn between nostalgic Christmas in all it's glory... or a sparkling modern affair... or anything in between.

Here is just a small collection... an odd collection (with a quote thrown in for good measure)... of inspiration we've found on Tumblr; pictures that have us thinking of Christmas.

We hope you enjoy them too....

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

We're back!!

Goodness!! How time flies!!
After losing countless passwords for our blog.. and traveling the globe... we are finally back in the land of blogging and couldn't be happier.
We have so MUCH to share with everyone, and are so excited to finally be able to do so.

We'll brush off the dust from our keyboard... slip into our writing shoes... and continue to share stories and pictures from our adventures and travels. Far away lands and inspiration and colour and projects... we have a huge book full of scraps waiting to be spilled onto pages.

For now, here's a quick snap shot from our last visit to Atlanta in July, and the little children's corner in our pop-up booth.
We'll be back again soon... so keep stopping by... we have so much more to share.

We're so happy to be back!!
Love Rose and Violet xxxxxx

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

See you at the fair....

Miss Rose Sister Violet are in Brisbane this week! We'll be at the Craft and Quilt Fair and are so excited to see all our dear Queensland friends. We hope everyone can make it for a wonderful week of craft and creativity.

See you there....!
Love Rose and Violet xxxxxx

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tut tut.. it looks like rain...

Miss Rose Sister Violet absolutely love rain. Every little drippity drop of it.

Today has been a day of spring showers.. or a wintry day in spring... it doesn't matter to us what type of day people call it... we welcome the rain and cuddle up in all it's delicious comfort.

We just love everything about it... the way our animals curl up on their beds and don't even LOOK towards the door... the way the kettle steams happily with more self-importance, as if it knows it's role is the leading part of the day... the pitter patter on the roof... and the excuse to dunk endless cookies into cups of tea and coffee while working... and day dreaming of retiring to the couch with a book so heavy it needs to be rested on your lap while stopping for another sip of tea.

Maybe it's from a life time of enjoying dreamy hollywood musicals... and English literature... where the magic of rain sparkles like a rare jewel.

Here's just a couple of our most favourite rain moments.... From Winnie the Pooh, who's comforting world surpasses magical nostalgia... and Oh! Gene Kelly! When you twirl your umbrella in the street and the band plays triumphantly... our hearts go thump thump thump in time with your tap tap tap...!

On this raining day... we hope you enjoy them too....
Love Rose and Violet xxxxxx

and of course.... Darling Winnie the Pooh pretending to be a little black rain cloud....

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Display Inspiration....

Our office is a buzz with cardboard boxes and flurries of music sheet paper... display pieces and ribbons and flowers scattered everywhere! We're busy packing up the Miss Rose Sister Violet shop so that it can travel to Houston and display its pretty wares in America for the first time!

We are so overwhelmed... and our minds are fuzzy from too much talk about freight and shipping costs and booth dimensions and... and.... and all we want to do is continually stop for cups of tea and bury our faces into the couch pillows...

But it is so much fun and exciting at the same time... and we're happy creating a NEW display which will be revealed when we pull back the dusty velvet curtains upon our exciting stage in TEXAS.

Here are some darling images we found on pinterest which have been such beautiful inspiration. We are constantly in awe of people's creativity and the beauty that exists everywhere. There is so much inspiration around us always and people's talents are treasures we adore. These are just a few! We hope you enjoy them as we did...

Back to the packing here....!!
Love Rose and Violet xxxxxxx