Sunday, September 7, 2014

Spring colors….

Today we're falling in love with pastels…..

Friday, July 18, 2014

Miss Rose Sister Violet mood board….

The last few weeks have been a blur of travel and trade shows and meeting wonderful people and sharing laughter, smiles and beauty. Finally we are back in our Californian office… briefly… before taking off again for Australia. We are busy packing orders and creating new designs for later this year. Our office is a blank canvas.. rapidly filling up with colour and ideas and fabric swatches and drawings and photos and vintage treasures.
Here's some of the inspiration we've been drawing from… and some of our favorite things at the moment. (All images are from Tumblr)
Enjoy! And happy creating always!
Love Rose and Violet xxxx

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Adorn it!

Are you mad lovers of font like us? Here at Miss Rose Sister Violet we sometimes go weak at the knees when we find a delicious new font to play with… and this one certainly made us fall in love. Introduced to us by the wonderful design team at Stevenson Projects, this brilliant font is called Adorn… and can be found on the MyFonts website. We can't wait to start playing and creating with this wonderful set of flourishes and swirls and banners and letters and frames… goodness!
Here's a little peak at all it can do…. enjoy…
Love Rose and Violet xxxx

Friday, May 23, 2014

Rose and Violet visit France!

Rose and Violet travelled to France in April and set up our little pop-up shop in the beautiful town of Nantes. It was our first show in France, and we had a ball! We were invited to attend the very popular show Pour l'Amour du Fil - how could we say no? So we packed up our traveling suitcases of flowers and trims, and sent boxes across the seas to France… and voila… our little pop-up shop came alive in Nantes!

The show was so exciting, and such a creative space of design and wonder. From the amazing venue itself…

To the incredible exhibits and booths which filled the halls…

Not only was the show such an incredible experience, where we met such beautiful customers and made true friends. But Nantes itself was a treasure, and each day and night a new adventure was found…

We even passed a REAL castle every day on the train to work….

Another treasure of the show was the chance to hold small workshop classes every day, where we taught how to make floral accessories and decorate using our vintage velvet flowers and laces. We absolutely love our workshops, where we get to meet our customers and enjoy sharing creative passion and laughter and magic. We of course had to have an interpreter to help communicate but like always, we found that the language of design and creativity and human spirit is universal…

And yes… we will see you next year Nantes!!!! Miss Rose Sister Violet will be returning to France in 2015!


The Happy song receives mixed responses here in the Miss Rose Sister Violet office… some of us LOVE it… and some of us get totally annoyed by it. But no matter what you think of it… there's no denying that the video clip makes you smile… and makes you want to get up and dance…

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Starting to dream for 2014...

Pop open the Champagne.... celebrate the end of 2013... dream big... and believe that everything and anything can happen in 2014.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Crowns and Cursive and Tea Pots with roses...

This year has been such an exciting journey for us, and so much has happened that we are amazed when we realise it has all happened in the space of only one year. Branching into America, and starting our clothing range... and skipping back and forth between California and Adelaide... at times we haven't known if we're Arthur or Martha!

And amongst it all has been our tireless efforts to try and create more of a brand for our company; to give Rose and Violet the beautiful "clothes" we so wish for them to wear as they grow in this world, and continue their wonderful journey. Packaging, branding, photographs and a new website... all things we've only ever dreamed of... and only this year have started to become a reality.

One of the first exciting steps to be taken, is our wonderful new logos which we absolutely love. We worked with the amazing artist, and truly beautiful person, Julianna Swaney who created the following logos for us. Not only a talented artist, but also a beautiful soul, her work is so pretty and whimsical and we think all our friends will love her style too. We are just so happy with our new logos, and so excited to continue our travels with Rose and Violet dressed in their new clothes! We hope everyone likes them too, and can't wait to share more exciting details soon...
Love from Rose and Violet always