Thursday, October 21, 2010

London Calling!

How to capture London in a single paragraph? it isn't possible. Like falling through a sidewalk chalk drawing in Mary Poppins... or getting lost within the swirls of a Beatrix Potter water colour... or walking through the wardrobe and out the other side... or drowning in confusion at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party... one simply finds oneself in a world of magic that is impossible to explain. To try would only result in vast amounts of information being lost forever.

Our time in London was truly cherished... and we shared so many incredible moments... with like minded souls. No words would do it justice. We shall go hunting through our collection of captured memories... the bundles of photos we came home with... and find in pictures what we fail to put in words.

Until then dear friends..... as they say in England.... Keep Calm and Carry On

love rose and violet xxx

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Colour your world

Just as magical as font is colour... and we think colour is deliciously magical. It can change the visual world into something explosive.. or quieten it to barely a whisper. For colour can create a million moods. Light, dark and every shade in between. It can wash away the loudness of life, it can mute even the most violent of brush strokes or give spark to the dullest of words! A red lantern.. a soft pink petal... a grey ocean... a field of green... each one uniquely and magically evokes a feeling so closely tied to the colour of its existence. Bound to its object, colour travels to our most inner senses... drawing on past emotions... creeping into forgotten spaces of our memories... tempting lost childhood experiences to breathe again... and convincing our mind to sway towards any emotion it so desires of us.

Paint your world. Colour your life. Allow shades and hues and tones and tints to create unexplainable emotions in your universe... and splash your world with vibrant life or pale calmness. Whatever you do... colour it.

love rose and violet xxx

'Loving' artwork done by Yasmin

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

fabulous font

"Loving" artwork done by Yasmin

Font changes everything. Just like colour, like the weather, like a favourite song, like a smile, like seeing a flock of birds racing through the sky, a feathery cloud floating above a calm ocean, or a busy street corner in a chaotic city. It encapsulates a mood, a feeling, an atmosphere. It can create a shadow, fill a page with colour, bring laughter to a room, history to life, or an explosion of light to an otherwise dark world.

Font. Letters. Writing. Words. Script. Capitals. Cursive. Italics. Calligraphy. Print. Type.

Words. Expression. Emotion.


Wall of Light - York -UK- november 2009 from Luca Barcellona on Vimeo.