Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Display Inspiration....

Our office is a buzz with cardboard boxes and flurries of music sheet paper... display pieces and ribbons and flowers scattered everywhere! We're busy packing up the Miss Rose Sister Violet shop so that it can travel to Houston and display its pretty wares in America for the first time!

We are so overwhelmed... and our minds are fuzzy from too much talk about freight and shipping costs and booth dimensions and... and.... and all we want to do is continually stop for cups of tea and bury our faces into the couch pillows...

But it is so much fun and exciting at the same time... and we're happy creating a NEW display which will be revealed when we pull back the dusty velvet curtains upon our exciting stage in TEXAS.

Here are some darling images we found on pinterest which have been such beautiful inspiration. We are constantly in awe of people's creativity and the beauty that exists everywhere. There is so much inspiration around us always and people's talents are treasures we adore. These are just a few! We hope you enjoy them as we did...

Back to the packing here....!!
Love Rose and Violet xxxxxxx

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