Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tut tut.. it looks like rain...

Miss Rose Sister Violet absolutely love rain. Every little drippity drop of it.

Today has been a day of spring showers.. or a wintry day in spring... it doesn't matter to us what type of day people call it... we welcome the rain and cuddle up in all it's delicious comfort.

We just love everything about it... the way our animals curl up on their beds and don't even LOOK towards the door... the way the kettle steams happily with more self-importance, as if it knows it's role is the leading part of the day... the pitter patter on the roof... and the excuse to dunk endless cookies into cups of tea and coffee while working... and day dreaming of retiring to the couch with a book so heavy it needs to be rested on your lap while stopping for another sip of tea.

Maybe it's from a life time of enjoying dreamy hollywood musicals... and English literature... where the magic of rain sparkles like a rare jewel.

Here's just a couple of our most favourite rain moments.... From Winnie the Pooh, who's comforting world surpasses magical nostalgia... and Oh! Gene Kelly! When you twirl your umbrella in the street and the band plays triumphantly... our hearts go thump thump thump in time with your tap tap tap...!

On this raining day... we hope you enjoy them too....
Love Rose and Violet xxxxxx

and of course.... Darling Winnie the Pooh pretending to be a little black rain cloud....

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