Thursday, August 18, 2011

Social Media and all that Jazz....

Wow! The social media world is a HUGE ocean of excitement! We've only just jumped in and have been having a ball! We've only just started on facebook and already have nearly 100 friends. It's impossible to not feel loved! And it is simply the most fun way to keep in touch with customers, friends, and share all sorts of goodies.

We're working hard at understanding it all... and won't lie and tell you it's easy. There is so much to learn.... and so many possibilities. But we are having so much fun with it all and find it so exciting. Google has become our new best friend and we spend hours looking through online chat forums, finding answers to questions we may have and realising that we are not alone in this new game. Please feel free to message us if you have any questions.. and maybe we've already stumbled through the same problem and can help.

Thank you to all our new friends who have found us on facebook... and we look forward to meeting even more!

Next stop.... TWITTER!!!!!

Stay tuned.... you never know where we'll pop up next...

Lots of love always, Rose and Violet

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  1. Oh this alone makes me want to get back on facebook but alas, I just can't do it. I am on twitter though...however I have to do it online as I have no mobile! I'm glad to hear about the success of your facebook page :) miss you all x