Friday, September 9, 2011

Creative mess!

This year has been a mad whirl of activity for us! We've been trying so hard to get "business organised" that everything else has been falling apart around us. As we move around frantically like mini tornadoes trying to get everything done, our work area and office and creative space have been DESTROYED! Rubble lies in our wake... bits and pieces are scattered over every available surface... forgotten scraps adorn the floor and table... and the aftermath of our movements is a site to behold indeed. But we wouldn't have it any other way! In a perfect world of course we'd love everything to have it's place; sewing bobbins lined up like little soldiers, pearls and beads sparkling from their colour coordinated jars, materials folded and freshly waiting to be used, ribbons hanging from their neatly lined up spools and books on shelves in subject matter and alphabetically in order!! Oh what organised bliss!

But life is chaos at times. And in chaos can be beauty and mad creativity and frantic shouts of inspiration. So we've taken some photos of our work area... to show beauty amongst the rubble... and to remind us that mess CAN exist in an enjoyable way. We'll get around to cleaning it all up... but in the mean time... we'll enjoy it's colourful messy splash of creativity!

Love Rose & Violet xxxx

(and yes we know mannequin has 2 'n's... and the word 'everwhere' is our own creation... we were in a silly frantic friday mood! xxx)

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