Tuesday, May 22, 2012

overwhelmingly overwhelmed

Such wonderful advice, and such strong words which instantly bring you back to what truly matters. Words which remind you to listen to your heart, follow what it tells you, and laugh at the expectations we put on ourselves at times.

Lately Miss Rose Sister Violet has been a whirl wind circus of activity and craziness. So much to get started... and so much to get done... and amongst it all is the constant feeling that we're simply NOT getting anywhere fast enough. This is when we generally run and bury our heads in the welcoming necks of our darling dogs and cat, and the following words ring true.....

We could talk at length about how overwhelmingly overwhelmed we've been feeling. But just the other day, we stumbled upon some wonderful words on a blog we love to visit. Meet Me At Mikes is a fantastical 'Alice in Wonderland' of craft shops; a business created by the amazing Pip whose work, books, inspiration and creativity are a joyful feast for every creative soul. We love her blog, and found the following entry just this last week... the timing was perfect.

Click here to view Pip's wonderful wise words!

Thank you for sharing your heart and words Pip... it made our own hearts sigh...

Here's to laughing at expectations and being true to who you are. Following your heart and enjoying the journey... never allowing feelings of inadequacy to take hold and blind you to all that is beautiful and magical along your path.

Love Rose & Violet xxxxxx

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