Thursday, March 8, 2012

A caravan of lace!!

Miss Rose Sister Violet are headed for Sydney!! Our first show for the year!!

We'll be at the Craft & Sewing show in Sydney this week with a whole suitcase full of new trims, laces and embellishing delights. We'll also be sharing exciting decorative ideas in our daily free workshop "Beautiful Vintage", so make sure you stop by with a cup of tea and enjoy the demonstrations.

We love the craft shows, and are always so excited to share creative joy with all our customers. Please stop by and visit... we'll be there to wave hello from beneath a mad frenzy of flying lace and trims and coloured delights... there's always such mad clutter and laughter at our stand and we wouldn't have it any other way.

See you all at the fair! Love Rose & Violet


  1. I stopped at your both and was very excited by what I saw. I made some
    purchases to bring back home with me to California. I can hardly wait
    to begin uses my beautiful laces.

  2. Wow!! Thank you Lupe, what a lovely message to find, and how exciting to know you'll be taking our treasures back to California!

    We absolutely love America, and especially California as we have family there. We also hope to do more work in America and are excited about maybe doing a show there soon! Keep an eye on our blog and facebook and we'll keep you posted. We might see you in the States sooner than later...

    Thank you again for stopping by our stand at the show, and for sharing your joy. Our work makes us so happy, and each customer is a friend we treasure. Take care and enjoy your creative projects!

    Lots of love, Rose & Violet xxxxxx