Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Stationary and cards and tape.. Oh my!

It's hard to not feel romantic when surrounded by such loving sentiment and pretty loving images as we have been while exploring shops in California. Each store has beautiful window displays dripping with hearts and bows and words... words of love and joy and cheeky playfulness! Here are some Valentine's day cards we found while drifting through some of our favourite stores... and also a display of some of the brilliant Washi tape we bought and have now stuck on everything in our path!!

One of our all time favourite stationary stops in America is the treasure chest that is Paper Source. Here are some valentine paper tags we found... perfect for leaving in secret locations for loved ones to find... or adding to projects... or using to make your own creative cards...

We've had a lovely Valentine's Day surrounded by love and words and each other. And we hope everyone else has too.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Love Rose & Violet xxxxxxx