DIY ideas

Fantastic Lace idea!!
What a great idea to use lace as a stencil! Or paint lace and then use it to decorate paper...

Hanging Sparkly Ballet Shoes!
How easy and beautifully effective... to add sparkly vintage brooches and buttons to ballet shoes! Sew or glue onto vintage (or new!) ballet shoes and hang wherever your heart desires. Just gorgeous!

Homemade Bunting...
Bunting works in ANY combination... and with flags of any shape and size. A perfect way to use fabric scraps and make a room look pretty or festive.

Stationery Storage Case!
This is a wonderful way to store all your stationery bits and pieces. It looks gorgeous and can be closed and packed away when not needed!

Quirky Lamps! How wonderful and colourful to decorate the wire frame of a lamp... using fabric scraps... ribbon... flowers... anything and everything that you can wrap around a frame!

Decorated Pots! Brilliant idea!!

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