Monday, December 23, 2013

Crowns and Cursive and Tea Pots with roses...

This year has been such an exciting journey for us, and so much has happened that we are amazed when we realise it has all happened in the space of only one year. Branching into America, and starting our clothing range... and skipping back and forth between California and Adelaide... at times we haven't known if we're Arthur or Martha!

And amongst it all has been our tireless efforts to try and create more of a brand for our company; to give Rose and Violet the beautiful "clothes" we so wish for them to wear as they grow in this world, and continue their wonderful journey. Packaging, branding, photographs and a new website... all things we've only ever dreamed of... and only this year have started to become a reality.

One of the first exciting steps to be taken, is our wonderful new logos which we absolutely love. We worked with the amazing artist, and truly beautiful person, Julianna Swaney who created the following logos for us. Not only a talented artist, but also a beautiful soul, her work is so pretty and whimsical and we think all our friends will love her style too. We are just so happy with our new logos, and so excited to continue our travels with Rose and Violet dressed in their new clothes! We hope everyone likes them too, and can't wait to share more exciting details soon...
Love from Rose and Violet always


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