Sunday, August 26, 2012

Miss Rose Sister Violet in the Land of Oz...

The Wizard of Oz has a treasured place in the heart of Miss Rose Sister Violet. The Yellow Brick Road... The Emerald City... the Tin Man and Scarecrow and Lion... Glinda the Good Witch of the North... darling Toto and of course Dorothy... friends from our childhood and from a world painted with a rainbow.

Such magic... such fantastical charm... such a world where one can dream and believe that all is possible. Long hours we spent there, carried away by dreamy music and soft blurred colours... and magic which allowed us to believe that sparkly red shoes could truly carry us away to wherever our heart desired...

And what magical words... and ideas... and dreams. Here are some of our very favourite words from the brilliant mind behind The Wizard of Oz.... L. Frank Baum. Oh how we love the land of Oz and this movie from our childhood! How we loved our adventures through the Land of Oz... and our journey with Dorothy as she helped the Tin Man find a heart... the Scarecrow find a brain... the Lion find his courage... and the knowledge that home truly is where the heart is..

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