Saturday, July 28, 2012

Holding court in Versaille

Due to living on the other side of the world, we often have to sadly decline when lavish invitations stream through our letter box from the likes of .... ohhh... Karl Lagerfield... Dior... and Lanvin (to name a few)... dear friends who would love to have us at their fashion shows... but we simply can't be everywhere at the one time... no matter how hard we try. One such fashion show we wish we could attend annually is the 'Chanel Cruise' fashion show... always held in delicious locations and done with such flair and style.

Unfortunately we're left to watch this greatness from afar, through a magical window known as YouTube.

Here is one of our most recent addictions... the 2012/13 fashion show... which features ruffles and bows and fantastic collars and tailored jackets... and other such pretty yumminess. Plus we LOVE the wigs.

Be warned... it's long.... but we think well worth it. Maybe go make a cup of tea first... but keep the lid firmly shut on the biscuit tin. Remember you're about to watch models... and it's not wise to be eating biscuits and sitting in front of the computer in comfy "home clothes" while doing so. (Just a suggestion)

The music is quite "loud", and may not be to everyone's liking.. but you can always turn the volume down...

Anyway, enough from us! Enjoy!
Love the Duchesses... Rose & Violet

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