Thursday, January 12, 2012

exciting things ahead...

We've started planning for our first trade show for the year... The Sydney Gift Fair at Darling Harbour in February. We've been having so much fun drawing up display ideas and playing with new product designs, and it's making us very excited for the year ahead... even if at times a little overwhelmed by all that needs to get done!

It's a wonderful thing though... to dream up a vision for a little pop-up shop... and get to work on making it a reality. We, here in the Miss Rose Sister Violet office, sometimes pretend we're set designers or creative shop owners.... building a set for Broadway, or decorating our cosy little shop on Columbia Road in London... we have so much fun that we often feel like we're "playing at" business and it's a wonderful way to exist.

There's much planned for this year... and lots of exciting sketches littering our office floor... just waiting to be brought to life. We can't wait for the year to unfold and bloom and for us to be able to share everything with you all.

For now, here are some of our latest creations... new accessories and pretty things waiting to decorate the world.
Love Rose & Violet xxxxxxx


  1. So in love with all of your stuff...PS You might want to check out my blog...there is a big surprise waiting there for you!
    Love xxx

  2. I just found your blog, thanks to Chasing Cottons, and I'm in love! One beautiful thing after another, yum! I am now a follower.

  3. Hi. I just found your website and fell totaly in love with everything! Im only young and its time now at scholl when i should be choosing a career. Your website has inspired me and i know now what i really want to in life. Im not joking whenever i seen your stuff i cryed. Thank you so much, and keep up your amazing work!
    Love xox

  4. Dear Caroline....thank you so much xx
    Dear Marianne.....thank you for such lovely comments ..xx
    Dear anonymous .....we wish so much you had given us your name as such passionate feelings should always have an owner.. please keep in touch with us and we will continue to share all that we love and all that we are with you xx

    rose and violet xx