Friday, April 8, 2011

Recently we were in Queensland for the ‘Brisbane Craft Expo’ and the number of people who attended was overwhelming. Having just been devastated by floods of unimaginable proportions the whole of Brisbane, and Queensland, are now faced with the immeasurable task of having to rebuild so much that was lost. And yet still people came. They came happily, and with open hearts and excitement and joy. They showered us with warmth, an appreciation for being there and a love for our product... wanting to take something of ours home with them. Amongst all that’s happened, people still wanted to treat themselves; find a treasure and take it home. And we felt so blessed that they considered our things to be found treasures; something that would bring them happiness and have a place in their hearts.

We left Brisbane feeling so uplifted and so full of unbreakable strength. The kind of strength one finds in witnessing human endurance. It was so inspiring to see how people carry on through hard times, and even more incredible to see how they do so with strength and spirit. The strength of the QLD people wasn’t lost on us. To see a smile after devastation, to witness happiness after hardship, to be welcomed after a city has lost so much... it left us speechless.

Thank you Brisbane. Thank you Queensland. From the bottom of our hearts...

Rose and Violet xxxxx


  1. Beautifully written sweets...I miss my favourite family XXX

  2. Thank you Darling Alisa!
    We love you more than words can say
    Always miss you too!!