Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sweet Thames, flow softly....

We found this beautiful poem on the underground... while racing beneath the streets of London... busy between Christmas fairs.. and while falling in love with the changing seasons.

But now alas the tide has changed, 
My love she has gone from me.
And winter's frost has touched my heart, 
And put a blight upon me.
Creeping fog is on the river, 
Flow, sweet river, flow.
Sun and moon and stars gone with her, 
Sweet Thames, flow softly.
Swift the Thames runs to the sea, 
Flow, sweet river, flow.
Bearing ships and part of me, 
Sweet Thames, flow softly.
                          - Ewan MacColl

1 comment:

  1. what A BEAUTIFUL QUOTE !!
    I love quotes too .. there are some wonderful quotes to live by and they are a positive affirmation to say during each day ..
    I just adore your wares..I am in awe of your talent .. I teach scrapbooking and I am now including some textiles with paper (mixed media)
    check out my blog if you feel inclined ..
    hugs from me x