Friday, September 17, 2010

Time Flies!

Can it really be that a whole month has gone by since our last entry?! How quickly the time has flown since last we spoke. What a whirlwind of adventures we've had... and oh the places we've seen!! We've been to Melbourne, Singapore and London... onto to Birmingham and back to London again. Raced through Sydney.. and now finally home sweet home. We've caught planes and trains and travelled by car. We've walked down lanes, and streets, and roads... upstairs and downstairs.. deep into the underground and to the tops of the highest buildings. We've peddled our wares at trade shows and quilt shows and markets... and met the most wonderful customers; beautiful people who made our hearts sing.

We have so many stories to share, and photos to show! For now we'll post some photos of our little shop at the Melbourne Trade Show... our cosy home for a wintry week in August.


  1. Totally exquisite! Love it! Seeing the pictures of your wares just makes me wanna create more beauty! I absolutely loved seeing you and your stall and making one of those lovely brooches at the Melbourne Quilt and Craft Fair back in July. Definitely a highlight!

  2. wow your pictures are so lovely is was wonderful to see you stall at the autumn fair i hope all your hard work has paid off good luck
    from Bronia :)

  3. Hello my lovelies - the photos look incredibly. I can't wait until you're back here in London. I love the labels on the button jars, I think I may be "inspired" by that idea.